Generally, sales development is understanding who the ideal buyer is. A relatively new discipline in its own right, this foundation ensures your sales is as efficient as possible. In retrospect, what you’d call the difference between working hard and working smart in terms of sales goals. Furthermore, traditionally most sales businesses are structured in a way that a single salesperson handles the entire sales cycle. Whether prospecting, emails, running product demos or closing deals, the entire cycle through one salesperson. The sales world has changed with segmenting, flexibility and diversity, hence Sales Development representative teams and SDR Outsourcing.

What is SDR outsourcing?

SDR simply stands for Sales Development Representative. Furthermore, this role sometimes doubles as a Business Development Representative or Lead Qualification Representative role. Specifically, an SDR is usually the first point of contact someone has with your organization. The first impression and education your prospects will encounter. In retrospect, prospects typically have limited time to listen to the whole sales song and dance, so SDRs help. In hindsight, SDRs get your company name in front of leads, generate interest, opening the door for further conversations. Furthermore, moving away from the one-person-does-all model to more specialized and segmented teams.

SDR Outsourcing Activities

SDR outsourced teams carry out a wide range of activities in accordance to their client’s objectives. Firstly, they conduct outbound engagements and develop leads/prospects, passing them to the appropriate sales team. Secondly, they make outbound calls to prospect accounts (40-80 outbound calls/day in 30 days) Similarly, SDR teams contact prospects via both phone and email. Likewise, SDRs implement activities to contact new customers and generate new business for your business. Furthermore, SDR teams insure handoffs to sales are successful and insure engagement with sales partner are frequent and bi-directional to grow territory revenue. Lastly, SDRs accurately forecast and track leads & activities such as calls, emails, meetings using CRMs.

Why Does the SDR outsourcing exist?

So, why does SDR outsourcing exist? Firstly, sales is much more than mindless prospecting, aimless numbers, spray-and-pray marketing, and list buying. Modern buyers have evolved with the times and so should sellers. The new middle ground between smart targeting and automated volumes. Aside from researching to setting up initial meetings, sales development also involves inbound qualification tasks. Additionally, focusing on creating a unique value proposition to prospects about your brand. SDR outsourcing helps you focus on your core business and allows another segmented team drive targeted sales for your business. All while allowing you make savings.

Technology Age

SDR outsourcing is all about allowing targeted efficiency as you grow your sales because one or two SDRs are rarely as effective as a specialized dedicated team, or as cheap. Furthermore, technology has transformed B2B marketing and sales over the last decade. Whether artificial intelligence, predictive analytics or social media, the endless possibilities mean more ground for SDRs. Outsourced SDR teams are usually experts at using technology to identify, assess, engage and convert buyers. Additionally, all while building relationships, trust, and confidence in a product or service balanced with human interaction.


SDR outsourcing allows you spend less time finding new accounts and more time engaging with prospects. What we’d ideally call ‘prospecting’.  Firstly, prospecting normally starts with understanding the product being sold and identifying challenges the product can solve. Secondly, finding the types of organizations most likely to purchase the product. Additionally, finding the types of individuals within those organizations most likely to purchase the product. After building a list of target accounts to pursue, you can now look for the right contacts within each account.

Data quality and governance.

Generally, SDRs dealing with B2B business are normally pressed for time and forced to multi-task. This is quite understandable with the difficulties in keeping up CRM records and other resources. SDR outsourcing mitigates records issues as specialized SDRs are tasked with making data quality a priority. Additionally, they are efficient and familiar with most CRM system, data-driven sales and marketing applications. Hence, a modern approach to the SDR role and data quality compared.

Meaningful Conversations

We have already established that SDRs open deals and prospect into targeted companies, book meetings for Account Executives. Despite those advantages and attributes, the most important one is their tenacity and resilience. SDRs are always proactively talking to your prospects. Furthermore, SDRs need the autonomy to prospect as resourcefully as they see fit in order to book more meetings. This trust and coordination is important since it can yield benefits related to conversion rates, deal velocity, and opportunity size. Additionally, cross-sell and upsell value, lead generation and increase meaningful conversations.


In conclusion, SDR outsourcing enables efficiency and consistency in your sales campaign. Whether consulting with potential customers on how your solution can solve their business problems, to defining opportunities and allocating sales channels. Furthermore, with the B2B arena growing more complex in the decision-making processes. SDR outsourcing offers efficient lead nurturing, social selling, account profiling, opportunity management, targeted and strategic account engagement. For more questions on SDR outsourcing, feel free to send us a message here at Top Lead.

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