Outsourced Sales & Marketing.

How Top Lead Works

We provide you one of our experienced SDR’s that will assist your Sales Team in getting your next customer. You will get a set number of leads each month. We find and qualify the leads, you make the profit.

1. Get the Right Prospect for your Sales Team:

Your TopLead.io SDR will develop qualified leads for your Sales team each month. We vet through data and do the grunt work for the lead process. Why pay the annual salary of training and managing in-house lead generation reps with no expected results? With TopLead, your Sales Team gets results. With results you can count on, you can factor in Close-Ratios and forecast your ROI. We generate TopLeads, you generate profits.

2. Executive SDR Service

Your TopLead.io SDR will be in constant communication with your Sales Team via web-meetings, weekly training sessions, and customer service access Monday-Friday. We will save you time, money, and effort. Our team will facilitate web meetings, phone transfers, and face-to-face meetings over to your Sales Team.

3. Daily Marketing and Appointments set for Your Sales Team

Your TopLead.io SDRs will call new prospects, follow up on leads, and conduct market research. We will feed your Sales Team’s pipeline so your company can increase sales numbers.

An extension of your company

Our U.S. based teams are dedicated to each phase of the buyer’s journey to increase your sales efforts.
Appointment Setting

We cold call target accounts and qualify marketing leads to provide your reps with sales-ready leads.


We nurture prospects via marketing collateral, social media, & email marketing.

Customer Service

We provide professional reps that assist
with inbound support and outbound
customer care.

SDR Solutions For Your Sales Team

TopLead’s SDR’s will feed your Sales Funnel on a monthly basis.

The Perfect Match

Your TopLead.io SDR will be assigned to your account and trained on all of your products & services.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Your TopLead.io SDR is an extension of your Sales Team. You have access to our SDR every week. The SDR will consistently communicate with you via email, video meetings, and developing prospects into your Sales Funnel.

Meetings You Can Count On

Your TopLead.io SDR will facilitate and handle Live Phone Transfers to your Sales Team, Web-Meeting connections. We even communicate your products and services via email and LinkedIn marketing.

Let’s Build A Sales Pipeline Together!

We work with many companies in the software industry, as well as other industries. We can help you. Let’s talk!