About Top Lead

Your Goals are Our Goals.

We provide Software and Technology Sales Teams with a pipeline each month full of prospects that want to discuss services. We vet through the data and do all of the prospecting grunt-work so your Sales Team doesn’t have to. All our clients need to do is sit back and close on leads.

We feed Results to your Sales Team.

Outsourcing the SDR role to TopLead allows Sales Managers to efficiently focus on achieving their monthly and annual company sales goals.

Traditional ways of employing in-house SDR’s are ineffective as in-house SDR’s are becoming unreliable with lead production. The many months wasted on training an in-house SDR doesn’t pencil out to justify an in-house SDR salary.

Let TopLead be your SDR.

The SDR assigned to your account will provide you a set number of leads each month. With monthly leads you can count on, Sales Managers can project sales growth. Our experienced SDR will be in constant communication with you weekly as an extension of your sales team. The SDR branded to your account will be trained on your product inside and out.

TopLead tee’s it up so your Sales Team can drive it down the fairway!

Interested in learning how?


Do yourself a favor and take 15-mins to discover the opportunities of outsourcing your SDR team.

We guarantee after your first month of service you will have interested leads that want to talk to you.

This meeting will allow us to discuss the niche you want to target, and to determine if it is viable for an engagement strategy.
  • Bring in new clients at a lower cost
  • Accelerate your growth
  • Save time networking and prospecting