Running an online business in the market today is a bit more complicated. Online business owners often struggle to keep pace with social networks and create relevant content that is more engaging to their customers. With the rise of the Internet and social networks, people can access information in excess. This has led to increased competition for companies selling products or services.

To stand out in today’s marketplace, it is essential that you have an online presence and create a long list of e-mail subscribers. Even though social networks are no longer a viable way to reach your customers, you can still communicate with them directly via a simple email.  Creating a sales funnel can help you a lot.  

What is Sales Funnel?

The sales funnel is a marketing strategy. It’s a way for your potential customers to create a relationship with you and, more importantly, a way for your customers to buy your product and service. The sales funnel can help you take care of your potential customers and decide who is willing to buy and who does not fit your current business model. A successful sales journey turns potential and potential customers into readers and buyers of your product or service for life. An efficient sales channel can be huge for companies because it automates all the tedious tasks such as sending individual emails, performing manual tests and collecting data. This can be done easily now and affordable at the same time. At this point, take the time to find out how to set up a sales funnel in your business.

Significance of Creating a Sales Funnel

As a business owner or marketing agent, you know the complexity of the sales process. The transition from a potential customer to a satisfied customer can be long and difficult. Ironically, the growing number of marketing tools does not help you start selling right away. That’s the reason why you need sales. It gives you a simple roadmap for income and helps you focus on the most important steps of online sales: generating leads and promotional sales. With the sales funnel, you can make money quickly and optimize the procedure of business as you go. You must use different phases of sales funnel as a model of communication with marketing and sales. Track the results and optimize the actions to generate more sales in less time.

Key Components of Sales Funnel

Different opinion leaders name the components in a different way, but the sales funnel is a bit the same, no matter what it’s called.

The main components of the sales funnel are:

  • Prospects
  • Interest
  • Leads
  • Decision making
  • Sales
  • Thank you page
  • Blogging


The prospects phase occurs when a potential customer realizes that you are proposing a product, solution or service that you benefit from. This can happen with your ad, word of mouth, your search for contacts or any other means. Once you understand, the probability will begin to think about how to find the right solution to your problem.


Once they are interested in their services, they go through an evaluation process that encourages them to look for more information, to compare the offers of different competitors and to learn more about the factors that surround them. It is essential at this level to provide potential customers with a strong argument for the effectiveness of your product. With the perspective that will evaluate your choices, you will have to do your best.


As they have engaged now, you have a lead. In addition, you will engage this person to transform the lead into a good quality lead. Micro conversions are the best way to guide users through the sales process. With partial transfers, ask people to make very small commitments before asking for a large commitment, such as buying the main product or ordering your service.

You can start sending lead emails containing content that may interest or use them. During this phase of sales, make another offer. This offer can be free as a free trial or at a very low cost.

Decision making

Once you have accepted someone at a low or no cost, you have a highly qualified feature. Make sure to engage potential customers by email, social media, and other means. Make new offers. See you at your main services.


Sales are the existing customers. Treat them well. Continue to increase your loyalty over time, as well as Customer Lifetime Value. Existing customers will be the first to try your new services.  They want to be the first to try your new things and share them with others. These are people who will write excellent comments because they feel connected to you. They will continually help you reach the top of your career path with less and less work overtime.

Thank you page 

The Thanks you page is a great way to interact with your readers after downloading closed content. It can serve for many different purposes; Cross-promotion and additional sale, get subscribers and delight users. The thank-you page is meant to show your appreciation to your potential customers, so why not give them a coupon or a discount? This will not only make them feel appreciated but will also be a great way to increase sales and make you enjoy more.


Before you get customers or prospects, you must first receive visitors. It means finding people who have no experience or knowledge of your brand and showing that you are reliable. To do this, you must start publishing content. Blogging gains your customers in different ways. Sharing your blog posts on social networks not only helps you attract visitors to your site but also increases your presence. In other words, by sharing your blog posts on social networks, blogs and social accounts should help each other grow.


If your sales are modest and you’re looking for a way to improve your online presence, you need to create a sales funnel. A properly created sales funnel will give you regular customers, an interactive audience and a sustainable income. Always keep in mind that the sales funnel is an ongoing process that needs to be constantly monitored and changed. The Internet and social networks are constantly evolving, and your sales funnel needs to reflect these changes.

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